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Who wants to be a Mullionaire?

AFTER A brutal six-week search, over 230 applicants and a testing and at times heated judging process, TWC can announce the name of its first adopted club: Mullion CC in south Cornwall.
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The judges were looking for a struggling club that was making moves to improve through junior sections and enterprise from the committee downwards. They wanted a club where the magazine could make a lasting difference - not just leave a load of shiny new kit and happy memories for one season, only to see it rot the next.

Many clubs came close but Mullion ticked all the boxes firmly for its eagerness, energy and desire to improve. It is the most southerly mainland club in the UK, with a picturesque ground sitting on the Lizard Peninsula. The 40 members manage to put out two senior league sides in the Jolly's Drinks Cornwall Cricket League (Divs 5 and 6), as well as two junior teams. But two years ago, the club were struggling and asked to be relegated from Division 1 to regroup and rebuild. From that moment on, it has been a battle, admits David Fowles, the chairman: "We are working hard and trying to get better. Every club has peaks and troughs and we are on our way back up, we have just turned the corner, and the magazine's help will be immense."

Mullion will receive a complete fresh set of Slazenger kit for the first team and a junior side, a visit from one of Slazenger's sponsored stars, advice and help on groundkeeping and fund-raising, man-of-the-match awards from Cockspur, as well as a trip to the National Cricket Centre in Loughborough. Many thanks to all the clubs that entered.